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CoF - Beginners Guide and Room 50 Trick Empty CoF - Beginners Guide and Room 50 Trick

Post  Vents on Sun Mar 21, 2010 3:06 am

before i start i want to say this for the beginers, that the no.1 key on finishing the Cube of Fate is non other than Patience, the longer the better.

things you must know.

when you'r currently outside the cube to get a mission order or buy stuffs and going in on cube you MUST re-log in you account to avoid delays and any bugs from some room, this is due to the "Data Map is not synchronize to the server" thing everytime you log in or change map. its better to log in your account inside the cube.

Mission Order: the 1st thing you must do before starting the Cube of Fate challenge is to get or have this item (you can get this once a day from Property Official or Wolf Cub), this item is used to exchange for Cube of Fate

Cube of Fate: item exchanged from mission order, having this item and a Dice Exchange Ticket you can start your Cube challenge, once you talk to Cube Transporter 01 the item will disapper along side with 1 DET and you will get a Dice right click it and you will be transported to another room. everytime you got transported from a any room you will acquired this and everytime you get the quest/challenge from any room this item will disapper. once you have this item avoid going outside the Cube or this item will disapper and your Cube session for that day will gone too.

Dice Exchange Ticket or DET: item needed to get a quest or challenge on many rooms in Cube of Fate. each time you get a quest or challenge on any room it requires 1 to 10 pcs of this.
you can get this item by exchanging 1 Immortal Stone to Fate Furnace (just beside Cube Transporter 01) for 2 pcs DET or you can buy it for 210k yuan on any Cube Transporter from room 2 to 49.

Cube Lottery Currency: you can acquired this item by finishing the entire Cube up to Room 60 or by defeating the 5th boss in Room 52 and also you can get this randomly in Room 54 if you got 3 Orbs in 1 Color, you can use it to exchange for a Universal Card or collect many of it to craft a necklace at Fate Furnace.

Turtle and Rabbit Card: item use in Room 51-60, 1 step forward for Turtle Card and 2 for Rabbit Card.

Key Items

Strength Card - item needed on Room 18. you can get 9 pcs of this on the same room when you arrive on it. but the challenge requires 10 pcs of it, since you just starting you don't have an extra 1 of this you can either teleport back to room 1 or wait for someone to give you 1 or buy it from them. if you decide to teleport back to room 1 and you already get the quest drop those 9 pcs strength card and then abort the quest on you quest log to get the Cube of Fate then pick up the item then start all over again, and when you got transported to room 18 again you can now finish the quest/challenge.

Ruler Card - item needed on Room 46. same method with Strength Card

Universal Card - many use for this item, you can exchange 2 pcs of this for 1 strength or ruller card on any Cube Transporter, you can also used 4 pcs of this to get a Dice when you transported to Room 14 or 34 (i advise to use it only on room 34 since room 14 is not that far from the start, teleport back and start again) and you can also use 8 pcs of it to avoid room 47 quest/challenge.
you can get 2 pcs of this item randomly from room 37 and another 2 pcs by exchanging 1 Cube Lottery Currency.

Gold Fate Card - item needed on Room 58. this item drops when your character die, can get 1 from the same room by taking the quest/challenge, you will need 2 pcs of this to finish the challenge, you can either wait for someone to get the same challenge and kill him/her.
(refer to Cube of Fate Guide room 51-60 for more info on room 58)

*note* Strength / Ruler and Gold Fate Card disapper when you bring it outside the Cube of Fate map, i advise to bring another extra character (if you have one) that will hold this items and act as your storage inside the Cube, you can either sell it inside the Cube or give it to someone.

Needed things for a daily cube
(quantity is for a standard 1 character only)

20-40 Dice Exchange Tickets - standard

3 Town Portal Joystick - use it when you don't have enough time to waste by waiting in Room 14-18-34-46 or being stuck to something. (Town Portal Joystick can be bought in Item Mall)

1 Bronze Amulet - you need this on room 30 or 47 specially if your character is not a Yu Ling or Fa Shi or have a low HP.

2.5m Yuan - Bonus/Lottery Room 51-60 requires yuan instead of DET and also some other rooms in room 2-49, i advise to bring more so you can buy DET whenever you run out.

(other items beginers usualy don't have, much better if you can buy it from other players or got it free from someone you know)

3 Strenght Card - use in Room 18

1 Ruler Card - use in Room 46

4 Universal Card - use in Room 34

Room 50 (End Point of Fate) Trick

maybe a lot of players already know about this specially in Dragon Server like my clanmates and Cubemates but still beginners should know about this too.

this is how to do the Room 50 to Starting Room and then back to Lottery Room Zero

its very usefull if you want to save your Gold Fate Card from dropping when you die from any room before 50 or if you want to rebuffs, repair or simply you forgot something in starting room.

1st thing 1st when you do this trick, before getting your desired Rewards at the NPC make your inventory full leave no available slot fill the empty slot with anything like pots or DET, then choose what reward you like after that you will be having 1 available slot or space in you inventory (because of your Cube of Fate disapper when you select a reward or taking the quest/challenge) don't worry about having 1 slot (selecting EXP rewards requires 6 available slot, selecting Expired Gear requires 3) you will notice you didn't get transported to Lottery Room Zero this is because your inventory is full and the reward items won't fit in making the your quest reward pending, then teleport back to starting room rebuffs, repair or trade in with your another character (your storage character) put those DET on it then get your Gold Fate Card from the other character, when your trade is done you will automatically transported to Lottery Room Zero if your inventory got enough space for the quest reward items.

once you got those item you will be automatically transported, after that you can continue playing thru Lottery/Bonus Rooms 51-60.

this tricks works also in room 51 after the soduku puzzle just be fast enough to fill your inventory after you got transported back to previous room with mobs.

and to room 52 before selecting to retreat make your inventory full too.

now you are ready to challenge your Fate - (refer on Cube of Fate Guide 1-50 and 51-60 for more info on any other rooms)

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CoF - Beginners Guide and Room 50 Trick Empty Re: CoF - Beginners Guide and Room 50 Trick

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