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Post  shalhamar on Thu Jan 28, 2010 7:25 am

Psychic Skills Psychi10

Psychic Skills Psychi11Aqua Impact
Concentrate your magic powers and discharge them towards the target in one shot. Deals water damage and has a chance to slow the target.

Psychic Skills Psychi12Spirit Blast
Uphold your weapon with the power of earth element. Deals earth damage.

Psychic Skills Psychi13Tide Form
Transform into a fish. Increases defense level and swimming speed. Only available in water.

Psychic Skills Psychi14Black Voodoo
Increase your attack level. Reduce your defense level.

Psychic Skills Psychi15White Voodoo
Increase your defense level. Reduce your attack level.

Psychic Skills Psychi16Soul of Vengeance
The target automatically deals physical damage to attackers. The damage is equal to 8% of your soulforce.

Psychic Skills Psychi17Torrent
Condenses the water element and shoots it against the target. Deals constant water damage.

Psychic Skills Psychi18Landslide
Detonated the energy within the earth. Deals earth damage, interrups spell channeling, and knocks back the target. The knockback effect doesn't work in PVP.

Psychic Skills Psychi19Bubble of Life
Constantly recover HP of all nearby friendly targets.

Psychic Skills Psychi20Aqua Cannon
Creates a ball of water elements to strike the enemy. Deals water damage and has a chance to slow nearby targets.

Psychic Skills Psychi21Sand Trap
Creates a force of elemental earth to strike the target. Deals constant earth damage.

Psychic Skills Psychi22Soul of Stunning
Self cast only. Stun your attacker upon being hit. Your soulforce determines the stun duration.

Psychic Skills Psychi23Aqua Spirit
Increases the damage of all water spells.

Psychic Skills Psychi24Earthen Spirit
Increases the damage of all earth spells.

Psychic Skills Psychi25Diminished Vigor
Reduces target's power of recovery. Lowers the effect of HP recovering potions and skills. Increases cooldown time of guardian charms.

Psychic Skills Psychi26Glacial Shards
Shoot a burst of glacial shards that deal water damage to all enemy units within range. Has a chance to stun the targets.

Psychic Skills Psychi27Sandburst Blast
Creates a sand storm and deals earth damage to the target and all enemies in range. Has a chance to lower their accuracy.

Psychic Skills Psychi28Soul of Silence
The target automatically silences attackers. The success rate is based on your soulforce.

Psychic Skills Psychi29Empowered Vigor
Increases the target's power of recovery. Increases the healing effect of HP potions and skills. Reduces the cooldown time of guardian charms.

Psychic Skills Psychi30Disturb Soul
Disturb the target. Increases spell channeling time.

Psychic Skills Psychi31Soulburn
Interferes with the target's magic power and damages the target's psyche. Each time the target attacks, it takes damage equal to your soulforce.

Psychic Skills Psychi32Tide Spirit
Gains the power of the water element. Increases own magical attack. Increases channeling speed of all skills.

Psychic Skills Psychi33Red Tide
Deals water damage to the target and all enemey units around them. Has a chance to cause bleeding.

Psychic Skills Psychi34Earth Vector
Summon the earth element to attack enemies. Deals earth damage to the target and all enemy units around them. Has a chance to stun enemies.

Psychic Skills Psychi35Psychic Will
Dispels all negative status effects of the target. Make the target immune to physical damage for a while.

Psychic Skills Psychi36Soul of Retaliation
Self cast only. Reflects negative status effects and damage onto your attacker. Your soulforce determines the success rate.

Note: Skill names and descriptions are based on PW-Intl.

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