Cube of Fate Room 51 to 60 Guide

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Cube of Fate Room 51 to 60 Guide Empty Cube of Fate Room 51 to 60 Guide

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[51] Spreading Like Stars

talk to the NPC and get the quest, here you need to kill 6 mobs within given time, after this you will be move to another room where you need to solve a puzzle soduko.

Difficulty: Hard
Item needed: Cube Lottery Invitation, 150,000 Yuan
Reward: 1 Library Card

51 Spreading Like Star Sub Room

here you will see a chess board like field with color orb and a post, this game is called soduko that no same colors should be in both lines Soduko Puzzle Field, quest have time limit, after this you will be teleported back to previous room and you will get either turle or rabbit card.

Difficulty: Normal
Item needed: None

Tips Before taking the quest on NPC have a look on the entire field get a piece of paper and a pen then solve the puzzle soduko on it before taking the quest.

this image below is the patterns that i encounter so far, the color with X mark are the ones that needs to be put on.
starting NPC and your character drop point when you transported in this room is on Lower Right of the image.
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[52] Battlemaster Challenge

Here you will need to defeat boss on 1 to 5 Different Level, each Level will become hard as you move on but you can select Retreat on NPC and you will receive reward depends on what challenge you've finish.

Challenge 1
Boss: Mecha Clone
Difficulty: Easy
Reward: 1 Library Card

Challenge 2
Boss: Beastnoid
Difficulty: Normal
Reward: 2 Library Card

Challenge 3
Boss: Bio Hunter
Difficulty: Normal-Hard
Reward: 3 Library Card

Challenge 4
Boss: Mecha Gigan
Difficulty: Hard
Reward: 4 Library Card

Challenge 5
Boss: Neo Mecha Gigan
Difficulty: Very Hard
Reward: 1 Lottery Cube Currency

[53] Shaolin Soccer

After taking the quest you will be given a 5 mins duration to finish the quest, ald you have to do is run through the white orb and go inside or behind the goal area that is look like a portal after the white orb die go back near the NPC and you will see a treasure box dig it and give the item to the NPC.

Difficulty: Easy
Item needed: Cube Lottery Invitation, 150,000 Yuan
Reward: 2 Library Card

Tips mobs on this map will also die within the range of portal so don't worry if they chase you
Warning Characters on Killer State you might exp being 1 Hit on Goal Area.

[54] Slot Machine

the goal in here is to get 3 orbs of the same color to hit the jackpot.

Difficulty: Easy
Item needed: Cube Lottery Invitation, 100,000 Yuan
3 orbs of same color = Cube Currency
3 orbs of different colors = 300,000 Yuan

[55] Gears of Fate

the weirdest room (for me >_<)there are 3 different prize if you win in here Jackpot prize 930,000 yuan, 1st prize 630,000 yuan and 2nd prize 330,000 yuan, if you lose NPC will get 300,000 yuan from you,

Difficulty: Easy
Item needed: Cube Lottery Invitation, 200,000 Yuan
Reward: None

[56] Drifting Vortex

Talk to NPC and get the Quest you need to find 1 of his Brother from the vortex, you will be teleported to a room with 12 portals, some portal directs you to another room, some will return you on your current room.

Difficulty: Hard
Item needed: Cube Lottery Invitation, 100,000 Yuan
Reward: 2 Library Card

Tips look on the image below, the X mark is your position in map when you get teleported on it and the numbers below the image is your coordinates,the circle in black are the portal you will enter, follow the coordinates, sometime the portal won't lead you to the designated room, it will turn you back to previous map or the same map but keep doing it.

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[57] Break Through The Lines

talk to the NPC and get the quest, you will ask to go on 3 NPC on the other 3 corners of the map, after talking to one of, you will go to another NPC and another one after it.

thr X mark is you starting position, Pink Dot is the Initiative Emissary, Black Dot is Force Emissary and Blue Dot is Courage Emissary, try to avoid those running orbs, each orbs has different effect on you.
Cube of Fate Room 51 to 60 Guide Pbucket

[58] Life or Death Battle

this room is same as room 14 & 34 but with a little different,once you talk to the NPC he will give you 2 choices for you to go on the next room its either you pay 10 Universal Card or Get the High Gold(Gold Fate Card) he will then give you 1 Gold Fate Card but you need 2 of this item, you can get the other item from the other player that you will have to kill, the player you need to kill should have Gold Fate Card on his/her inventory, in order for that to happen let them talk to NPC and get their quest and when you think they have it Rimmed them when they die their Gold Fate Card will eventually drop.

Difficulty: Hard
Item needed: Cube Lottery Invitation.
Reward: 2 Library Card

Tips sometimes its better to be the one been waiting for rather be the one waiting for other, if you get here and no one is around get the Gold Fate Card if you want to wait for other people to come and you want to kill them better prepare or you will be the one who gets killed since you got here first eventually you already have a Gold Fate Card on you inventory thus making them killing you for that before getting their quest, its hard to fight someone who doesn't have the item you need or when you get the Gold Fate Card and want to call it a day just teleport to room 1 pass the Gold Fate Card to other character then abort the quest wait for tomorrow Cube bring that item and when you land to this room you can pass since you already have 1 Gold Fate Card.

[59] Wall of Space and Time

this room is a bit tricky & good, once you talk to the NPC he will give you 2 choices pay 600,000 yuan and get a turtle card to continue to room 60 and finish the cube or pay 300,000 yuan and you will turn back to any room from 51 to 58 thus making you gain more Library Card sometimes.

Difficulty: Easy
Item needed: Cube Lottery Invitation
Reward: 3 Library Card if you continue to room 60

Tips if you want to finish the game or when you choose Expired Gear from room 50 then choose the 1st option, or if you want to gain more Library Card choose the 2nd option but be careful sometimes it will just turn you back 1 room from it landing you to room 58, but sometimes you'll be lucky to be turn back to other room and when you finish those and get the proper card to avoid room 58 and landing to this room again well its up to you if you want to go back again or finish the cube.

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